ZENEX ZenaFlush Non-Chlorinated, Low Odor Brake Cleaner

ZenaFlush Non-Chlorinated, Low Odor Brake Cleaner DESCRIPTION Powerful, non-chlorinated, low odor solvent blend which is formulated to dry quickly. Technologically advanced formula safely and efficiently cleans all brake parts. Also an excellent degreaser for metal parts. FEATURES AND BENEFITS High pressure delivery system allows for thorough cleaning of all brake surface parts. Dissolves grease, oils, tar, asphalt, resins, brake fluid, and many other soils. Does not contain chlorinated solvents that can contaminate waste oil. Does not contain 1,1,1 Trichloroethane. Does not contain Perchloroethylene. APPLICATIONS AND USES Instantly degreases and leaves no residue on brake linings, drums, springs, cylinders, disc brake pads, CV joints, etc.