Total Solutions 1355041 Enviro-Terra Concentrate GREEN PRODUCT

TEnviro-Terra™ Concentrate is a true breakthrough cleaner. With a pH of 1, this multipurpose cleaner generates the high cleaning power of an acid, yet it is safer and mild to skin like liquid dish soap. The remarkable formula contains a special blend of surfactants, organic salts and proprietary additives to create an acid-replacement cleaner that is biodegradable and safer for the environment. Highly effective against rust, calcium, scale and lime deposits, soap scum, stains and soils, hard water stains, beer stone/milk stone, scuff marks, and grease.  

Do you have hard water? you can use an acid to remove the hard water rust stains from your porcelain. There is only one problem! You will pit your porcelain; Total solutions offers you a heavily tested and researched product called Total Solutions Total solutions will remove rust stains from your porcelain and tub showers without pitting the surface total solutions will also restore Brass to it original finish without harming it. This product is great for your high end facilities  such as Higher end hotels Museums etc. WB can ship this in spray qts as well; You must ask your rep for spray qt bottles