Strike/Keeper for Round Edge Pilasters

Replacement strike/keeper for 1 1/4" round edge pilasters. Die cast zamac. For Baked Enamel.

Material: chrome plated Zamak (pot metal)
Thickness: 3/32"
Height: 1-1/4"
Mounting hole dia: 1/4"
Keeper hole 
  Type: rectangular, with slightly rounded corners
  Width: 7/16"
  Height: 3/4"
  Distance from bumper to inside edge of hole: 5/16"
  Distance from outside edge of hole to outside of keeper: 1/2"
  Dia: 3/4"
  Thickness: 3/16"
Other door items by Hadrian that work with this product:
- TP H5 Inner knob
- TP H4 ADA Inner knob 
- TP H9 Outer knob
- TP H8 Lower hinge
- TP H1 Male cam assembly 
- TP H2 Female cam
- TP H12 Upper hinge
- TP H3 Upper hinge pin
- TP 7810 Bumper hook 
Hardware (NOT INCLUDED): 
- TP 302 One-way shoulder bolt (1 each per bumper/keeper) - TP 303 One-way barrel nut (1 each per bumper/keeper)
- TP 807 Un-Do-It tool for hardware