SANITIZER W/Built in Dispenser "In Stock" Foaming I.Q.

IN STOCK NOW !!!!!!! Great for your office or school! So easy to install!!!

It's here; Save time: This is easy to install  like clipping a picture on to a clip board: The Sanitizer             (is a Built in Dispenser) 

Imagine that      "you don't need to purchase a Dispenser" for your sanitizer !"

The "container is a Dispenser"

Call for more information! It takes about 30 to 90 seconds to install on the wall

 Easy Mount  4/ 1250 To a case;

1.)  Just attach to the wall:         Takes approx 5 -7 seconds 

2.)  When empty; Simply Pull used dispenser off the  wall:  Takes approx 3-5  seconds

3.) clip new full dispenser to wall: Takes approx 5 seconds

4.) What's best is you get a high quality foaming hand sanitizer by Spartan Chem

Spartan Chemical Co. foamy IQ 1250 ml

Lemon Blossom Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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