SANITIZER: 128 oz Gal CLR GEL. Lowest Price

 Gel Base Clear updated 3/14 2020 Mfg by a certified

F.D.A. Manufacturer ! Food and Drug Administration!

AVAILABLE  target date is Friday May 1 st  2020  

First come first served; Current customers of W.B. will have first pick

Hand Sanitizer  Mfg to spec; Safety data and M.s.d.s. sheet with each order

Price  above  is per Gallon 128 oz  

Currently We Plan to have the upcoming product made by Friday March 20 2020

this may extend into the week of March 22

We will try our best on the  lead time for you !!!!   

This is while supplies last     Can be picked up at our Chicago location for locals for no shipping charges!!!

Currently March 14 2020 we are just about sold out

for Friday' 3-20. batch   Call me if you think you need sanitizer;

Shipping cost outside Chicago for a  full case of 4/ 1 gallons is about $25

Shipping on 1 gallon is about $8


To be effective, hand sanitizer needs to have a strength of at least 60 percent alcohol. This product will certify on the spec sheet of a alcohol content of at least 60 percent 

Sold in Gallons ; Email

We are currently in production process   Estimated date is Friday May 1 2020


Pumps may become unavailable due to  our current health situation in the USA. In this event we will ship full gallons which can be poured into your typical 7 or 8  oz Purell type pump dispenser or the pump dispenser of your choice.

A picture of a typical small pump dispenser is shown above.

Pricing is per Gallon without  Pump;

The pump is  unavailable

Prices are projected to increase in the coming weeks!

Please limit phone calls to serious inquiries only! Thank you