S-76 Pad Holding Frame


MATERIAL: Rigid 24 gauge Galvanized Steel
frame with back grid made from 1 x 1 wire on both
stock and special S-76 Pad Holding Frames.
Filter media that works well with the S-76 Pad
Holding Frame:

Fiberglass (p. 34), Polyester (p. 36), Foam (p.50),
and Poly Flo/Hog Hair (p.47) and pleat insert pad
(p. 31).

If the facilities to clean Smith Permanent Filters are
not available, or air velocity exceeds what a normal
fiberglass filter can handle, the Smith S-76 Pad
Holding Frame may be the answer. These frames
are being used today in spray booths, residential
units, unit ventilators, roof top units and many
other applications where up to 550 FPM air velocity
for heating or air conditioning is required. Sixteen
(16) gauge galvanized frame, aluminum and
stainless steel construction available.