Mist Eliminator Filters “Aluminum”


The Smith Mist Eliminators are designed for use in air handling systems requiring collection of oil mist or water droplets. Oil mist in return air is often found in production machine shops. In supply air, water droplets may occur as carryover from cooling coils and evaporative media or unevaporated moisture downstream from humidifiers.

Designed much like the mesh filters, these 2" filters contain 10 layers of media, both expanded and screen media. The filter is enclosed in a heavy frame and contains at least 3 holes on both the top and the
bottom to allow for proper drainage. The Mist Eliminator is available in a variety of depths from 1” up to 12”.
Drawings are welcome for specific applications.

ALUMINUM: The Aluminum Mist Eliminator is made with an .037 Aluminum Frame, surrounding a multi layered pad which includes both Aluminum expanded media and screen.