Merv 13 Pleated Filters


Merv 13 Pleated Filters are manufactured with a synthetic blended Merv 13 media, which
meets the LEED Green Building criteria for minimum efficiency. Pleated to the depth of the
frame, the media is enclosed in a heavy, water resistant, diecut Kraft board which has a
double wall thickness around the outer edge, providing strength and rigidity.

The Smith Merv 13 is designed to replace standard pleated filters, without having to
retrofit any existing HVAC systems. It performs well as the primary filter as well as a
prefilter to a more efficient filter. The low initial resistance also helps promote low energy


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green building rating
system is nationally accepted benchmark for design, construction and operation of high
performance green buildings. These Merv 13 Pleated filters provide points toward LEED
certification and also achieve efficiency standards outlined in the LEED programs for
Existing Building and New Construction.

APPLICATIONS - The filter is designed for longer life with
reduced maintenance costs. The Merv 13 was created to
improve indoor air qualtiy in existing commercial properties,
government instituions, universities and other school