Medium Duty Stainless Steel Surface Mount Hinges

Universal stainless steel, surface mount hinges for medium duty. 12 gauge, .097" thick, 2-1/2" high x 2-3/8" wide. 1-1/2" O.C. holes. Specify right-hand or left-hand, inswing or outswing.

Material: Stamped stainless steel
Gauge: 12
Thickness: .097"
Finish: Polished Steel
Mounting plates 
  Side to side width of both plates: 3"
  Top to bottom height: 2-1/2"
Mounting holes
  Dia: 1/4"
  Side to side hole OC: 2-1/4"
  Top to bottom hole OC: 1-1/2"
Outer barrels
  Shape: Round
  Dia: 3/4"
    Just each steel portion: 1-3/16"
    Each portion, with nylon: 1-3/8"
    Total height of both barrels, with nylon: 2-13/16"
  Each hinge has a steel pin. Half of the pin is molded into the
    center of the lower piece. The other half slides into the
    center of the other piece to give it something to swivel on.
    The upper set of hinges has a pin with an angled cutout,
    like a pintle, so that the door can be set to close.
    The lower set of hinges has a straight pin with a straight tip.
    It moves freely within the upper barrel, but is not removeable. 
      Length: 1-1/4"
      Dia: 3/8" 
Door swing limit with this hinge: 110 Degrees 
Mounting hardware is provided, and includes:
  4 Each TP 302 10-32 x 1-1/4" One-way shoulder bolt
  4 Each TP 301 10-32 x 1" One-way shoulder bolt
  8 Each TP 303 10-32 One-way barrel nut
  1 Each 11/16" E-Cliip