Heavy-Duty Filter


CONSTRUCTION: Frame shall be formed Aluminum channel. Filter element shall consist of multiple layers of aluminum expanded to extra-heavy media through specified feeds. Construction assures maximum life, filtering action and internal loading capacity. Filters shall retain 585 grams of dust per 2.25 sq. ft. (20x20 filter) of filter area. Resistance when clean is .077 w.g. at 350 F.P.M. air velocity.

MATERIAL: Filtering element shall be processed from sheet Aluminum, commercially known as 3003-H22, .025 thickness expanded with .050 strand. Frame shall be made from sheet aluminum .040 thickness joined with heavy metal rivets. The maximum temperature range on the Smith Heavy Duty is 275 degrees.

SMITH HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM Filters are constructed of extra heavy duty media and frames. Excellent for grease exhaust, and for use in high capacity heating and air conditioning systems.

Made of rustproof aluminum, filters are easily cleaned in a matter of minutes. Simply flush with hot water or steam. Can be cleaned right in the dishwasher. A mild detergent can be used, if required, but DO NOT
SOAK ALUMINUM FILTER IN A STRONG ALKALI SOLUTION. Drain holes punched in bottom, if not otherwise indicated.

Corrugated aluminum mesh, laid at right angles, traps all airborne foreign particles and prevents accumulation of grease, dust and lint in hood, exhaust fan and motor assembly. Patented extra-heavy media is designed for maximum filtering efficiency and dependable long-term service. Ideal
for use with large-capacity commercial ranges and charcoalers or where rugged construction and performance are required.