Fire Rb-1 "A"


CONSTRUCTION: Filter Frame has two inserts inside of the frame for reinforcement. This unique construction offers maximum strength to withstand rigorous commercial kitchen use, while providing the ultimate in fire protection. The excellent corrosion -resistant properties of the FIRE RB-1 “A” Filter’s unique baffle design allows direct replacement of existing mesh filters without complicated hood revisions or modifications.

MATERIAL: The SMITH FIRE RB-1 "A" is constructed of heavy Aluminum in both the baffles themselves and the one piece frame.

The SMITH FIRE RB-1 “A” filters are aerodynamically designed to provide a self-balancing air flow throughout the entire length of a hood. The grease laden air is drawn into the filter by exhaust fans. As the air passes through the system, the aerodynamically designed twin baffle structure forces the air into a series of compressions, expansions and pressure changes. The grease, heavier than air, separates and settles safely and quickly on the baffles where smooth surfaces assure rapid, dripless runoff into collection troughs. Meanwhile, the grease-free air has passed through the filter an up through the exhaust duct.

Maximum temperature is 250 degrees F.

Actual thickness of these filters are 1 3/4” thick.