Clorox 01698 Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray 32OZ


Clorox Anywhere® Hard Surface™ Sanitizing Spray. To Sanitize Food-contact Surfaces: Spray on surface until thoroughly wet. Let stand for two minutes. Wipe with a paper towel or clean dishtowel, if you like. No rinsing is necessary. This Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray from Clorox Commercial Solutions kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard, nonporous surfaces, yet is color-safe and can be used without gloves. Apply to toys, phones, keyboards, light switches, high chairs, bathroom fixtures and food surfaces such as countertops. No rinsing required. Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray is a revolutionary food-surface sanitizer. It’s suitable for food-contact surfaces, such as plastic cutting boards, serving trays, kitchen tools, high-chairs and plastic containers. Stock up on Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray to use in commercial kitchens, office break rooms, day care centers, restaurants and other commercial facilities. Each carton comes with 12 - 32-oz. bottles

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