Auto Rolls Trane Units



HIGH LOFT GRADIENT DENSITY GLASS allows deep dirt penetration, assuring high dirt-holding capacity in conjunction with high filtration efficiency. Use of continuous filaments eliminates fiber break off. EACH REPLACEMENT ROLL is equipped with a five foot, doublestitched, heavy duty Kraft paper leader and trailer which allows for easier handling and installation. These extensions insure total usage of filter media and facilitate clean handling of used rolls. (All rolls are 65 foot long and 2 inches (plus) thick.)
ALL ROLLS are tinted blue on the upstream side to insure proper installation.

MEDIA IS REINFORCED for greater strength by a sturdy laminated backing, manufactured as an integral part of the downstream side of the media. This backing - electronically programmed for insured consistency - imparts a final filter-polish and provides high tensile strength to prevent necking under tension without use of wires, cotton scrim, or artificial backing. Scrim backed glass rolls, however, are also available on request as are nylon backed rolls. THE MEDIA is evenly coated with the adhesive Triaryl Phosphate (gel type). This precision measured adhesive affords maximum filtering efficiency and will not migrate into air ducts because of its pseudo plastic nature. Flash point is 450 degrees F. minimum. Coated media has an Underwriters' Laboratory Class 2 classification. TO INSURE AGAINST possible leakage of adhesive in storage areas, all replacement rolls are packed in leakproof bags.



THE NON-GLASS REPLACEMENT ROLL and the glass replacement rolls are the same size and shape. The difference is totally in the media. Like the glass rolls, the non-glass rolls have five foot, double-stitched, heavy duty Kraft paper leaders and trailers, and are also packed in plastic bags. Scrim backing is standard with synthetic rolls which are available dry or tackified.

THE SYNTHETIC MEDIA characteristically has a slightly higher efficiency and somewhat lower dust-holding capacity than does the glass media. Synthetic media is virtually free of fiber break off as well as binder migration which may sometimes occur with other media. Combined, these features make the synthetic roll desirable in places where higher standards of clean air are a must like kitchens, cafeterias, computer bank rooms, etc.