Duster 3 Piece extension Kit

Comes in Package of 3 

2 ea. 100 inch extension dusters per case; 1 Gallon of quality all purpose concentrate  cleaner

WB. Maravillosa or WB lavender cleaner; :"See picture"

Excellent to Dip the duster in a bucket of water with WB concentrated all purpose cleaner and then clean hard to reach areas.

MICROFIBER & STAINLESS STEEL POLE: The fan duster is made of microfiber materials with extendable handle which does not rust and has a long life.

EXTRA LONG EXTENDABLE DUSTER: The microfiber duster with a extra long pole which can reach 100 inches when fully extended.

BENDABLE & FLEXIBLE HEAD: The head of our long duster is flexible and bendable. You can bend the hand duster to any angles as you need.

MULTI-USE FUNCTION DUSTER: We design the 360 dust for blind, ceiling fan, window, hanging light. It’s also great for photography, car, keyboard etc.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: We're aiming to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service. For any reason, our Microfiber Duster doesn't satisfy you, or the Chemical doesn't simply contact us, We'll try our best to solve problems for you.

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